The XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild is a mobile suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. It is an upgrade of the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial initially piloted by Suletta Mercury, and briefly by Prospera Mercury

Gundam Information XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild

During the duel with Grassley House. Aerial sustained damage that Earth House was ill-equipped to repair, both in terms of equipment and budget. Aerial was returned to its original developer, the Shin Sei Development Corporation, to have an overhaul. While maintaining its basic GUND-ARM structures, it was renovated thoroughly, adding new armor pieces and equipment, which broadly improved Aerial’s inherent capabilities.

XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild

Beam Rifle

This machine’s portable firearm. Stored on the backpack’s mount when not in use, it detaches and uses built-in thrusters to automatically be equipped on the Aerial’s hand. It is a larger improved variant of the Aerial’s original rifle, and can combine with the GUND-BITs to create a GUND-BIT Cannon


By connecting the Bit Staves to the beam rifle, the Aerial can create a large beam cannon with drastically improved output and accuracy. This GUND-BIT Cannon is so powerful it can destroy mobile suits even without a direct hit.

Shell Unit

A control terminal that enables the transmission and processing of vast amounts of information between the pilot and the machine. It emits light when the operating level of the GUND FORMAT reaches a fixed intensity, such as when operating GUND-BITs. Operating with Permet scores of 5 and lower emit red light, while a Permet score of 6 emits blue light.[5] During the Aerial’s fight against Guel’s MD-0064 Darilbalde, the Permet score reached 8, emitting white light and giving Eri control of the Aerial without the need for a pilot.


A multi-purpose offensive and defensive platform composed of a next-generation swarm remote-controlled weapon system popularly known as “GUND-BIT”, that uses GUND FORMAT to organically links humans and machines. It has anti-beam field properties.

Release Info

The High Grade the Witch from Mercury (HGTWFM) XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild is a 1/144 scale kit released in 2023.

Release Date: March 2023
Price: 1,700 Yen

Box Art

XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild
XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild

Gunpla Manual

Gunpla Manual HG 1/144 RX-77-02 Guncannon (Cucuruz Doan’s Island Ver.)

Promotional Video

Official Images

Bandai Hobby Site has officially revealed the latest form of Gundam Aerial, which is now called Gundam Aerial Rebuild. The mobile suit first appeared in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’s first season finale.

** Can be displayed using two sets of the Witch From Mercury Weapon Display Base (sold separately)

The Gundam Aerial Rebuild features new armor parts weapon system which also include its shield that can be collapsed to 11 bit staves and act as another weapon and armor set. The action base and bit expansion set are sold separately.


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