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The XXXG-0SR Gundam Sandrock (aka Sandrock , Gundam Zero-Four) is a mobile suit introduced in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and is piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner.

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High Grade Fighting Action Gundam Sandrock Metal Clear Ver.

History of Gundam Sandrock

The Sandrock was constructed by Instructor H in the L4 colonies under the financial support of the Winner family. Designed for operations on land, especially in a desert environment, it has high combat capabilities and excels in melee combat with its strong armor that is more robust than other Gundams’. In addition, it has advanced communication and information analysis systems as it was designed as a commander unit and tasked to be the core of the command system for the Maganac Corps and the five Gundams. Lastly, a sub-camera that functions in sandstorms is installed on the forehead.

Instructor H

As OZ became more aggressive in space, the five Gundam pilots realized they would have to return to defend the colonies. Quatre then joined up with Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei, and attacked a military spaceport in Singapore. In order to create a diversion to facilitate the escape of his allies, Quatre decided to sacrifice Sandrock along with himself, a decision which he did not take lightly, as he had come to see his mobile suit almost as a friend. However, Sandrock’s cockpit opened of its own accord. After Quatre exited the mobile suit, it walked off by itself into the enemy forces before self-destructing, decimating the enemy’s numbers and allowing Duo and Wufei to escape with their Gundams in tow.

OZ recovered the Sandrock’s remains, but made no effort to repair the machine. Eventually, Sally Po conducted a solo mission to destroy what was left of the Gundam, sneaking into the hanger where the remains were being stored and covering them with explosive charges. As fate would have it, Sally discovered the Sandrock at the same time as the Maganac Corps had, briefly engaging them before detonating the charges. Surprisingly, even in its damaged state, the Sandrock survived the explosions. After escaping from OZ forces, Sally conceded the Sandrock’s remains to the Maganac Corps, in hopes they would be able to re-unite the damaged Gundam with its pilot someday.

Quatre eventually return to Earth, where he later learnt the Maganac Corps had found and restored the Sandrock. The young pilot journeyed alone through the desert in hopes of retrieving his Gundam, only to discover the Maganac Corps’ headquarters under attack by OZ. Quatre managed to locate Sandrock in the nick of time, and led the Maganac Corps to victory.

Realizing the battle had moved into space and joined by former Sanc Kingdom soldier Lucretia Noin, Quatre once again left the Earth, this time bringing Sandrock with him. As the Sandrock had been constructed for ground warfare, it was unsuitable for combat in outer space. Despite this, Quatre took the Sandrock into a number of battles, where despite its decreased effectiveness, it managed to hold out until they made contact with the spaceship Peacemillion, where the former Gundam engineer Mike Howard ordered the Sandrock to be refit for outer space combat, resulting in the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom.

Piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre Raberba Winner, derived from French quatre, lit. “four”) is a character introduced in the TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Quatre Raberba Winner
Quatre Raberba Winner.

Out of all of the Gundam Pilots, Quatre seems the most well-adjusted of the group, generally displaying a kind, humble personality, as shown in the Japanese version, he uses the personal pronoun “Boku”, a humble but weaker pronoun, compared to the pronoun “ore” that the other pilots use. As a firm believer in the ideals of pacifism, he is a reluctant soldier who often expresses sorrow whenever he is forced to kill his enemies.